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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch "Manchester United The Official History 1878-2002" Online

Manchester United - The Official History 1878-2002

Released: October 21, 2002
Made By: Clive Tyldesley
Genre: Sport, History
Run Time: 2 hours & 10 Minutes
IMDb Ratings: 7.0

Manchester United The Official History 1878-2002: Manchester United Football Club started life as Newton Heath a team founded by workers from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in 1878. This is where this DVD starts, recounting the history of Manchester United.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Donohue has it completely right. A fantastic filming feast for the Man U freak. Bryan Robson's marriage on the pitch was all the more poignant for the late appearance of Duncan Edwards as best man, replacing the clearly nervy Nobby Stiles. And who could blame Nobby on such an occasion, being only seventeen? Luckily, elder statesmen Beckham and Rooney were there to lend solace to boy wonder Cantona, French schoolboy and survivor of the Paris Commune who, as a veteran of Le Maquis, was the brightest of the Busby Babes, Ferguson's Northern Premier League conquerers of 2003. Cantona, of course, had received a poor reception during a poetry reading from fans of home town rivals the LA Lakers. Drinking Chocolate? I should coco. A must!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch Documentary "Faster Than The Speed Of Light" Online

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Release: October 19, 2011
Made By: BBC
Genre: Science
Run Time: 1 Hour
IMDb Rating: Not Available

Faster Than The Speed Of Light: An international group of scientists at Cern made one of the most astonishing statements of this generation: that they had detected particles that seemed to travel faster than the speed of light. If they turn out to be right, that will mean Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong and ­travelling into the past or to a parallel universe might no longer be confined to the likes of Doctor Who. In this programme, Professor Marcus du Sautoy tries to explain to us non-boffins what it’s all about and why it matters. Of course, there’s always the possibility the scientists have just got it wrong.

The Icarus results did not completely rule out faster-than-light neutrinos. Cohen-Glashow and Icarus have shown that if Opera is correct, and Einstein's relativity must be modified, then that modification must also cleverly eliminate the Cerenkov-like radiation that would have affected both Opera and Icarus. That's a very tall order, to be sure; but until someone proves that no such modification is possible, we can't firmly conclude Opera is wrong. I really do not understand why scientists are basing their discoveries on theories and comparing most known particals with unknown. Neutrinos should have been spraying out particles like electrons and photons, as many scientists suggested, in a similar way if they were going superluminal – and in the process would be losing energy.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch "London Underground Revealed" Online

London Underground Revealed

Release: December 2, 2011
Made By: National Geographic
Genre: Science, Technology, History
Run Time: 45:00 Minutes
IMDb Ratings: Not Available

National Geographic London Underground Revealed: Any Londoner can tell you that the Tube is overcrowded. But how many know the real reasons why? In the premiere of London Underground Revealed journey below London's pavements to look back over 125 years of crushed commuters and rush-hour rage and discover remarkable engineering history behind the biggest metro system in the Western world. With each day bringing over 4 million passengers into a vast network of tunnels under the city, the iconic transport system is creakingly close to capacity.

Can an ambitious plot involving �16-billion to build 30 new stations drag it back from the brink? Taking in the origins of the Underground, this one-off special also reveals how 19th century New York subway designs are inspiring the next generation of Tube trains, and explores the importance of early Parisian Metro makers to modern engineering methods. You'll also look at the continued technological advances stemming from the tragic 1987 Kings Cross fire, which will make the new Underground among the safest transport systems on the planet. Interviewees including Transport for London Network Services Director Nigel Holness and engineering expert Professor John Burland explain what the future holds for the capital's commuters as this historic subway system reinvents itself for a new era of 21st century travel.

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